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  • Don't forget or leave behind your important items again.
  • This device looks good, easy to set up, and use.
  • Use it as a keyring or hook it to your handbag, child's bag, laptop bag, just about anything you don't want to lose.
  • Can connect up to 8 Bluetooth devices to the App
Key Features:

  • Anti-lost: If someone walks away with your keys, the mobile app will alert you and the Bluetooth tracker will sound an alarm
  • Find your keys: If you have miss-placed your keys, open the mobile app, and press 'Alarm'. The Bluetooth tracker will begin to alarm so you can find your keys
  • Find your mobile phone: If you have your keys with you but can't find your mobile phone. Turn off the Bluetooth tracker and the mobile phone will sound an alarm so that you can find your mobile phone.
  • GPS: Open the mobile app and see the location of the Bluetooth tracker on google maps (as long as you are connected to the Bluetooth tracker)
  • Out of Range: If you have moved out of the Bluetooth range there is a warning message on your mobile phone and the Bluetooth tracker will alarm.
  • Camera Button: Take a pic on your mobile using the wireless Camera Self-shutter bottom. No need to use a selfie-stick
  • Track up to 8 items: Connect up to 8 Bluetooth trackers to the App. So have one for your keys, one for your handbag, one for your laptop bag, etc. You can name each item on the App.
  • Material: Plastic/Zinc Alloy
  • Size: 7.33cm x 2.98cm x 1.1cm
  • Weight: 29g
  • Wireless: Bluetooth V4.0
  • Working Distance: approx. 10 meters
  • Mobile App: I Anti-lost (Download free from App Store or Google Play)
  • Compatibility: Android 4.3 / iOS 7.0 and above

Package Included:

1 x Bluetooth Tracker
1 x English Instructions Manual